This is the time of the year when gift guides pop up all over the place. HH is jumping on the bandwagon with present ideas for all the colorful characters in your life. For the second installment of the HH Gift Guide: the best gifts for a fabulous fitness fanatic.

We all know those girls: the super-athletic superstars who kick butts, take names and make the rest of us look positively slothful. They also inspire, challenge, raise money for charities and have even been known to get me obsessed with SoulCycle. They may glow with health and have energy to spare, but here are some lovely things to make the sporty gal feel like a million bucks.

Hydration is key to any skincare routine, but it’s double important for the athlete. Of course plastic bottles are pretty awful both for the environment and your health, but your standard water bottle is just dreadfully un-chic. Enter Bkr: glass water bottles encased in a protective silicone sleeve that comes in a delightful variety of adorable seasonal colors. These are water bottles as fashion statement and will keep even the most discerning of athletes happily hydrated.

Deodorant is, admittedly, an odd choice for a present. Yet, conventional deodorants are some of the worst offenders in terms of endangering our health and if there is one thing a sporty gal needs, it’s to stay stank-free after a grueling workout. Thankfully, the lovely Brooklyn brand Meow Meow Tweet makes a staggeringly effective deodorant that is a delight to use. It also comes in the most adorable of packagings and, coupled with one of Meow Meow Tweet’s darling (and gorgeous smelling) soaps, would make a charming, pretty and practical gift. Oh, and for those averse to baking soda, MMT also makes a baking soda-free deo that is just as effective (as tested during a grueling SoulCycle class).

Nothing soothes workout-weary muscles as well as a nice, long soak in a tub. A bath can turn from simply restorative to healing with the addition of luxurious bath soaks and salts. The elegantly giftable Matcha & Clementine Body Soak by Mox Botanicals leaves the skin soft and pampered and delights with a lovely scent, while Therapie Detox Salts by Roques O’Neil with himalayan salt and amethyst crystals, are a luxurious update on the traditional epsom salt bath.

Athletes work hard for those enviable muscles and the celebrity favorite Prtty Peashun Skin Tight Body Lotion will make them look their toned and glistening best. An endorsement by the ultimate sporty girl Tracy Anderson should be enough, but this lotion also happens to smell like delicious grapefruit and feels fabulous on the skin.

The next product on this list probably wouldn’t be appropriate for anyone other than, say, a sibling who shares your twisted sense of humor, but I just had to include it because, come on! It’s called Cow Fart Powder! The delightfully silly name aside, however, this powder, a creation of my favorite good witches at the amazing Brooklyn Herborium, is pretty fabulous. A healing herbal blend, that can help with athletes foot, chafing and other skin irritations, this the gag gift that could end up being a godsend (and for extra healing, soothing, cotie-busting, giggle-inducing power, give it as a set, along with the Cow Fart Juice and the near-magical Cow Fart Goo that can be used for anything from rashes to cold sores).

We all know that physical activity releases endorphins, but sometimes even the most energetic of us need an extra boost. Enter the CAPtivator: a brilliant new collaboration between CAP Beauty and the beautiful mind of Katie Hess, the creator of Lotus Wei. Part perfume, part treatment, the CAPtivator is an energy-boosting, mood-brightening mist that smells amazing. Scents can be tricky to give, but to give you an idea of the universal appeal of the CAPtivator, my very traditional, Chanel No. 5-wearing, 73-year-old English mother-in-law was as enamored with it as I (and our respective husbands loved it as well).

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