As I am discovering, one of the lovely perks of being a beauty blogger is getting to take a first look at the cool new products created by beauty brands. My love for La Bella Figura is well documented, so when I found out that I was being sent a sample of one their new skincare products as well as one of the upcoming makeup releases, I was over the moon. I didn’t have much background on the new skincare product, but between the bronzy gold and the shimmering purple I spied on Instagram, LBF seemed to have created the new color choices just for me.

As it turned out, however, I was getting neither the gold, nor the purple, but rather LBF’s latest blush color: Disco Queen Gloria. Now, I’ve got to be honest here: I was not especially pleased. Here is the thing: I love virtually everything LBF does and its makeup collection has, so far, been an absolute knockout, but the name of this particular product spelled trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the unabashedly sexy, over-the-top aesthetic of the 70s disco era, but it’s not exactly an easy look to pull off – it’s just too frosty, too bright and, basically, too much for anyone who doesn’t look like Cheryl Tiegs. Add to that my general ambivalence towards blush and you can see why I was slightly less excited than usual at the prospect of trying out a new product.

Swatched thickly on the right and how I would wear it on the left

Swatched thickly on the right and how I would wear it on the left

Once I actually opened the compact containing the blush, I was prepared for the gorgeous scent that has become the LBF makeup signature and for the exquisite texture: creamy, soft, yet somehow dry, without a hint of greasiness. What came as a surprise was what happened once I actually applied Disco Queen Gloria to my face: I fell in love. Hard. Though it swatches as a (very 70s) terra-cotta, Gloria applies as a sheer, warm veil of bronzy-gold with the perfect amount of delicate shimmer. Not at all frosty or too-bright, on my skin Gloria actually works as blush, highlighter and bronzer – the perfect all-in-one product. A quick swipe on the cheeks helps me feel refreshed and pulled together. It would look glorious with a tan and will be wonderful to warm my skin during the colder months when I frequently feel too pale. I actually went to a green beauty event recently and ran into another blogger whose coloring was different from mine and who mentioned that she thought Gloria worked great as a bronzer. It looks like I’ll be stocking up come November.

As for the skincare sample, it was of LBF’s new hydrating hair and body spray called Elysian Fields. I never understood body sprays: to me they bring to mind the hideousness that is AXE and those sickly-sweet, fruity things beloved by teenage girls and that to me smell distinctly like a baby prostitute. Elysian Fields is, basically, the exact opposite. Its scent is sophisticated, beautiful and very light and fresh: I would say it smells like freshly laundered laundry blowing in a warm summer breeze, but this particular smell has been co-opted by the Glade Plug-Ins and Febreezes of the world to the point of becoming an olfactory cliche. Suffice it to say that the Elysian Fields smells (at least to me) as a perfect summer morning. It also feels like a dream.

Unlike conventional body sprays, Elysian Fields has an aloe vera base and contains a host of skin-pampering ingredients that make it a treat for the skin, as well as the senses. It would be the perfect product to use if you have a fancy party to attend after a long day at the office: it would refresh when there is no time for a shower and help perk up tired skin. I don’t think Elysian Fields is getting released before winter, but I believe LBF will be offering samples with purchase come November. I think it’s going to be a hit.

Both products were sent to me for review by La Bella Figura. I am seriously in love with both of them and will be stocking up on Disco Queen Gloria come November. I’m just annoyed that it’s a limited edition – I want this baby to stick around.

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