There aren’t a lot of brands out there, green or otherwise, whose products tick as many of the effective, active and luxurious boxes as Marie Veronique Pacific line of skincare.  The company’s founder, Marie Veronique Nadeau, is a former chemist and her products showcase a deep understanding of the science behind anti-aging skincare. Whatever miracles might be promised by beauty advertisements, there is, but a handful of ingredients clinically proven to reverse, or at least ameliorate, the signs of aging and Pacific uses them all.

Pacific Face Serum and Night Serum with Retinol are the powerhouses of the line. The two serums are chock-full of fabulous, active ingredients from the cutting edge of beauty science. The main difference between the two is the presence of retinol in the Night Serum. Retinol is perhaps the most effective anti-aging skincare ingredient out there and the Pacific Night Serum has it in an impressively high concentration. Though it is much, much gentler than anything you might get from a dermatologist (my sensitive skin had no issues whatsoever), retinol does cause photosensitivity, which is why this particular serum is for nighttime use only and requires daily sunscreen application (which you should be doing anyway, since sun avoidance is an even better age fighter than retinol).

Both serums are light gel-liquids with a lovely smell that most Pacific products share: I detect a hint of tuberose, though the actual products smell much lighter, fresher and tarter than pure tuberose. The serums absorb quickly and the Face Serum makes a good base for makeup. Both serums make a noticeable difference to my skin: they give it a glow and freshness, though there is a much more obvious smoothing and lightening effect when I use the version with the retinol. If I had to choose between the two, I would suggest the Night Serum, simply because it gives you a bigger bang for your skincare buck. That said, if you are not looking to get anti aging benefits, you will do just as well with the regular serum and consider adding in Pacific’s Topical Vitamin C Treatment for maximum glowification. I should note that if you are not particularly religious about sun avoidance (we may need to have a word), I would suggest saving the Retinol Serum for use in the winter months when the risk of sun damage is not quite as high.

The Topical Vitamin C Treatment address the problem of stabilizing Vitamin C: another star anti-aging ingredient that is notoriously difficult to keep fresh once it is mixed with a liquid. Pacific Vitamin C is an water-soluble powder in capsule form, that stays fresh until it is ready to be mixed into your existing skincare to amp its wrinkle-fighting powers. Obviously, it works wonderfully with the Pacific serums, however, it can be added into any serum or cream. Word of advice: since the powder is water-soluble, I would not suggest mixing it with a face oil. It will not dissolve properly and could actually cause irritation. This powder is powerful stuff: it brightens, tightens and helps keep wrinkles at bay. Although incredibly potent, I don’t think this powder would irritate even sensitive skin, though I would not use it with other super-active products, especially those already containing vitamin C. I love feeling a bit like a mad scientist when I mix the powder with one of the Pacific serums, especially because the reward is soft, youthful and glowing skin.

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