My posts tend to be rather long (I do ramble on, don’t I?), so in this series of short posts I am going to highlight some of my favorite products that pack a strong punch despite their smaller size.

Spend enough time around beauty bloggers and you will realize that we take ingredients seriously. From argan oil to Vitamin C, we all have our favorites – the star ingredients whose presence makes a product that much more special. As for me, I love an exotic oil or a powerful active as much as the next beauty-obsessed gal, but my heart belongs to blue tansy. Also known as Moroccan chamomile, this blue-hued essential oil is profoundly calming, both to the skin and to the mind. Applied topically to the skin, it soothes inflammation, while it’s gently sweet scent eases anxiety and helps me relax. It’s no wonder then that the moment I came across Aster + Bay’s Indigo Therapy Oil while browsing Integrity Botanicals,  I had to add it to my shopping cart.

In addition to blue tansy, Indigo also contains blue chamomile, blue yarrow and blue cypress in a grape seed oil base. Aside from being rather pretty, these blue oils all contain azulene, an organic compound with impressive skin-calming abilities. Indigo is billed as an all-purpose anti-inflammatory for anything from bug bites to acne. As it happened, my Integrity Botanicals order arrived right around the time I was dealing with a particularly nasty spot on my cheek: red, painful and deep seated, it was pretty clear that this baby had camped out on my face for the long haul. I decided to try Indigo out of pure desperation: it wasn’t likely to help, but it wouldn’t hurt and I would get to enjoy that delicious blue tansy scent. I applied the oil (the cooling metal rollerball is a nice touch) a couple of times during the day and before going to bed. The next day the Monster Spot seemed to have shrunk and after two more days it was almost completely gone.

It’s rather unusual for me to form an opinion about a product after quite such a short time, but thanks to its lovely scent, unusual color, thoroughly affordable price and, most importantly, ruthless efficiency in dispatching of pimples, Indigo has made a fan out of me. Blue tansy does have a particular scent and it might not be for everyone, but if you happen to like May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon or LBF’s Travel Remedy, I think you would love Indigo. It’s a small product that packs a powerful punch and I am thrilled to have discovered it.

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