My posts tend to be rather long (I do ramble on, don’t I?), so in this series of short posts I am going to highlight some of my favorite products that pack a strong punch despite their smaller size.

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while. One reason is that I really do enjoy blabbing on ad infinitum, but another was that it has been quite some time since I have stumbled upon a product special enough to be called a small miracle. That is, until now.

I first discovered Province Apothecary’s as yet unreleased Full Brow Serum during A Night for Green Beauty. Amidst endless chatter and plying the brand’s amazingly cool founder Julie with drinks (Mmmm… Sparkling wine in a can…), I managed to snag PA’s darling gift bag which, among sundry fabulous products, included a small sample of the aforementioned Brow Serum.

Now, let’s back up for a minute. I can say without false modesty that my eyebrows are mostly what kids today call “on fleek”. They are full, long and so dark that when I lived in beauty treatment-obsessed Romania, people kept asking me the name of the salon that tinted them. Unfortunately, when I myself was a kid, Cara Delevigne was but a babe in arms, and when gazing upon my follicular glory most people’s reaction was less “supermodel” and more “Brezhnev”. To be fair, my youthful brows could be best described as “beetling” and so I did what so many 16-year-olds before and after me had done: I tweezed them into submission. Luckily, I didn’t buy into the 90s fad of over-tweezing and I avoided the dreaded sperm brows, but my youthful machinations left them decidedly uneven. All of my subsequent brow maintenance efforts, which included wincingly expensive visits to the eyebrow queen Eliza Petrescu,  never quite got my eyebrows to fall in line. Which is why a serum that promised to fill in my arches, immediately got my attention.

I fell in love with the Full Brow Serum on first try and, amazingly, started to notice changes after only a couple of weeks or so of near-regular use. It was as if my eyebrows were given a shot of steroids: suddenly there were all these fine hairs poking out along my arch. So impressed was I, that I did something I have never done as a blogger: once I realized that the serum was not yet available for sale, I contacted the brand and, might as well be honest, shamelessly begged to let me get my hands on a bottle.

It’s pretty well known that castor oil might be the best natural ingredient for helping strengthen eyelash and eyebrow hair and encourage new growth. PA’s Brow Serum combines this effective, but decidedly unsexy ingredient with a stellar lineup of oils and EOs: argan, jojoba infused with coffee, lavender, rosemary (so lauded for hair growth that the first Google autocomplete result when you start typing “rosemary for” is “rosemary for hair“), pomegranate, sandalwood, burdock, calendula and more.

The serum is incredibly thick and viscous – much thicker than any oil I have ever tried – and can easily double as an eyebrow grooming product, especially if your brows are on the fuller side, as it will make them darker and shiner and will help coerce misbehaving strands. It also smells AMAZING! For the first few days I started using the Brow Serum, I kept catching whiffs of an incredibly lovely scent and would keep going over every product I had used that morning in an attempt to pinpoint the source. I guess one just doesn’t think of a brow serum as being a scent sensation. And then there are the results: even the Englishman noticed that my brows were looking fuller. It will probably take close to a year to see final results, but the new growth is undeniable. I have also been rubbing excess serum into my lashes and they definitely seem stronger, darker and longer.

I would suggest getting a small spiral brush (like a mascara wand) to apply the serum during the daytime. Do keep in mind that it is an oil, so if you are planning on having a full face of eye makeup, I would use the tiniest amount of the serum or avoid it altogether. If your skin is prone to congestion, I would also suggest you first try a sample: the serum’s viscosity is an advantage when it comes to grooming brows, but it could also spell trouble for your pores. That being said, if you use small amounts and keep the serum strictly on your eyebrows, I think you should be ok.

As I always say, everyone’s skin and hair follicles are different, so I cannot promise that the Full Brow Serum will give you eyebrows to rival Bhumika Arora’s, but if you are hoping to grow in your eyebrows and enjoy yourself in the process, then this blue bottle is your best bet!

Disclaimer: As previously mentioned, I was sent the full size bottle of the product after falling in love with a sample. I want to make it clear that I was more than happy to pay for it and will undoubtedly do so once it becomes available. The Full Brow Serum will go on sale in November and I will announce the release date on Facebook, IG and Twitter.

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