Californian skincare brand Odacité is the perfect representative of the new generation of green beauty: no longer hippy-dippy and homespun, instead it is elegant, luxurious, high-performing and expensive. I wasn’t first on the Odacité bandwagon, but having discovered it, I am officially in love with its beautiful products. This brand’s line of skincare is divided into three distinct categories: the Serum Concentrates – one or two-ingredient serums for addressing specific skin concerns; the Fresh Collection – the more traditional skincare products (cream, cleanser, etc), focused on ingredient freshness; and the Private Collection – “Couture” blends initially created for private clients of Valérie Grandury, the founder of Odacité.

I have been using several of the serum concentrates, as well as the Beautiful Day Moisturizerfrom the Fresh collection. I had mentioned in an earlier post that I found my perfect moisturizer and Beautiful Day is it. This is an ideal product for someone who is only starting to explore green beauty: its texture, performance and packaging are fully comparable to the best of conventional moisturizers and it contains a number of effective hydrating and anti-aging ingredients like aloe vera, DMAE, MSM and tea extracts. Granted, this might not be the world’s most active-packed formula, but the cream is a delight to use. It’s light and fast-absorbing (or as fast absorbing as a natural product that does not contain chemical “pushers” can be), yet it’s thoroughly hydrating and soothing.

Odacite day cream

This cream is also completely unscented, which is a particular treat in the world of green beauty where far too many products have almost unbearably strong smells. What’s nice is that in the case of Beautiful Day “unscented” means truly without scent, whereas many conventional unscented products can often have an odd, slightly off-putting smell ( I suppose all those chemicals don’t smell all that nice on their own). Finally, there is the matter of Beautiful Day’s packaging. Although not as important as ingredients, texture or performance, packaging matters, especially in a high-end product and this cream’s packaging is exquisite. Beautiful Day comes in a slim, elegant, satisfyingly heavy bottle with a pump dispenser, which ensures that the active ingredients do not deteriorate from contact with oxygen and I think that this might well be the best packaging in all of green beauty.

Odacite Cream

The Beautiful Day cream with the Moringa Petitgrain, Buriti Lime, Acai Rose and Wild Carrot serum concentrates.

Odacite Mix

The Odacité serum concentrates can be used on their own or mixed in with other skincare products and they mix perfectly with the Beautiful Day moisturizer. I have tried quite a few of the concentrates and I adore them all. They are fabulously active, have lovely smells (seriously, every single one) and I love the mad scientist aspect of mixing together different serums depending on my skin’s needs.

In the interest of full disclosure, the effect of some of the concentrates (particularly the firming/anti-aging ones) cannot be determined without using them for at least a couple of months (I have only used them for about a month or so), but based on the effectiveness of the more fast-acting concentrates, I imagine they will do at least some good and my skin is certainly looking its dewey and glowing best since I started my Odacité regimen.

Mo+P Serum Concentrate

The Moringa Petitgrain Serum Concentrate is the first Odacité product I have ever tried and it’s a winner. The serum is created for severely dry skin and it completely delivers. When I first started using it, I had been battling persistent dryness around my lips that made the sides of my mouth look disturbingly like a cat’s butt and that would not abate no matter what I did. I put Mo+P on before bed and the next morning the cat’s bum was completely gone. So far it has kept my skin from drying out like an ancient husk the way it always does once cold descends on New York. If it continues to keep my skin dewey throughout the winter, this might well qualify for a minor skincare miracle.

Ca+C Serum Concentrate. Love how every serum is a different color

My second Odacité purchase was the Camelina Chamomile Serum Concentrate for sensitive skin and it’s just as fabulously effective as the Mo+P serum (as an aside, I really dig Odacité’s naming of the serums – it really adds to the whole mad scientist vibe). A couple of weeks ago I was hosting a green beauty event. As my special luck would have it, my face picked that particular night to have a changing weather-related freakout and so I emerged from the shower with the face looking like a baboons behind (yes, there is a definite animal hindquarters theme to my skin woes). I immediately used my Yuli Cocoon Elixir and the Ca+C serum and about 30 minutes later was getting compliments on my skin. Since my skin had a couple more freak-outs as the weather swung wildly from “middle spring” to “dead of winter” in the span of one week, I had the opportunity to test the effects of Ca+C on sensitivity and irritation and they were just as impressive every time. I am now on second bottles of both Mo+P and Ca+C and I imagine I will be getting plenty more.

CaR Serum Concentrate


Ac+R Serum Concentrate

Ac+R Serum Concentrate

Wild Carrot and Acai Rose are both part of Odacité’s “Age-Defying” category of serums and both of them are targeted to give the skin a youthful glow. Both of these fall into the category of serums that require longer testing, but I love their smells and their intense green color. I definitely think that my skin has a great glow since I’ve been using these serums and that it looks distinctly less radiant on the days when I don’t use them (I love the alchemic mixing of the serums, but it does tack on a bit more time to my already lengthy skincare routine). Based on the sensory experience and my skin’s reaction, I will definitely repurchase both of these (and have already done so with the Acai Rose).

Bu+L Serum Concentrate

Bu+L Serum Concentrate

Recently I have been concerned with some loss of firmness and so was excited to try the Buriti Lime Serum Concentrate for sagging skin. Granted, my skin isn’t exactly sagging (I hope?), but I’d rather not let it get to that point. Once again, like any anti-aging treatment, this is the product that will take a significant time commitment to see results. I do love its smell and texture (no surprise there, clearly) and am fully willing to make the time commitment. As a note, I am wary of photosensitivity that can be caused by citrus oils and so only use Bu+L as a nighttime treatment.

Pa+G Serum Concentrate

Pa+G Serum Concentrate

The Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate addresses hyper-pigmentation. Because I have recently discovered that I can sometimes be sensitive to Papaya enzymes, I use this concentrate as a spot treatment for dark spots. It definitely seems to make a difference – a particularly stubborn spot near my eye that refused to be banished by any of the brightening treatments I had used, faded to near-invisibility after about a month’s use of Pa+G. Because I use it in such small amounts, it has lasted me the longest of all the serums, so if you don’t use it as an all over treatment, it will be the most economical of the serums.

I suppose this is a good time to bring up my one criticism of Odacité: it’s expensive. The serum concentrates don’t actually appear to be all that costly at first glance, with prices ranging from $27 to $62. The anti-aging treatments are the most expensive of the bunch and the serums for oily and congested skin the cheapest and this actually makes sense, since anti-aging skincare usually costs more (though it does kind of suck for m. This, however, is the price for a tiny amount of serum – 5ml. Odacité suggests that this is enough product for 1 month of use, though I find that serums that address the most immediate concerns of my skin and that I use the most frequently actually seem to run out much faster than in 1 month. If you consider the fact that the standard size for a face oil is 30ml, it suddenly becomes clear that a “full-size” bottle of the $62 Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate will run you a staggering $372. This kind of seems like a crazy price for a single-ingredient product, however luxurious and rare that ingredient might be.

Cost is the reason why I haven’t yet tried one of the Private Collection serums: priced at $149 for .5oz (the usual size is 1 ounce or 30 ml), these serums are more than twice as expensive as the most expensive serums from any of the other major green brands. Actually, the Fresh Collection is the most reasonably priced of Odacité’s lines with prices much more in line with other skincare brands. In fact, the Beautiful Day moisturizer is a very reasonable $75 – certainly not cheap, but completely palatable for a high quality, luxury product.

Ultimately though, price is not a deterrent for me when it comes to Odacité. Its products work, I adore them and I find that for me it’s actually easier to spend more money in the course of several months than to plunk down a wad of cash on a single product in one go (not that I don’t do both). I think that most people who do not have my pathologically heavy hand when it comes to skincare application will find that the serum concentrates will last them at least a month (more if used only at night or as spot treatments). Plus, most of the Serum Concentrates fall somewhere in the far more reasonable $30-something price range, which makes them a fairly practical investment. Not to mention that if a particular product doesn’t work for you, it hurts a lot less if it only cost $30 or $40 (and do keep in mind that Odacité always include samples with every order). Ultimately, in skincare, as nearly in everything else, you get what you pay for and with Odacité you will get effective, powerful, sophisticated and smart products, which is why I feel completely comfortable recommending them wholeheartedly and (almost) without reservation.

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