This is the time of the year when gift guides pop up all over the place. This week, HH is jumping on the bandwagon with present ideas for all the colorful characters in your life. Up first: the best gifts for a Bombshell.

Ahh, the Bombshell! The tides of fashion may change from grunge to minimalism to punk, but the Bombshell is eternal: her heels ever precarious, her lipstick bold, her curves dangerous. The Bombshell kind of femininity may seem like a throwback, but what could be more modern than loving one’s curves and being unafraid of one’s power and sexuality? As far as I am concerned, all of us can use a little Bombshell flair in our lives every once in a while and these gifts can bring out the inner Marilyn in even the shyest of tomboys.

I tend to think that skincare can be a bit of an odd gift for all, but the most intimate of acquaintances, but R.L. Linden’s Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist is a glorious exception. One of R.L. Linden’s most popular products, it smells like the most gorgeous of flower gardens. The smell, though floral, is not too heavy or overpowering, but rather soft, delicate and incredibly pretty. The lovely smell aside, Thousand Petal contains hydrosols of rose and calendula, jojoba oil and a mix of essential oils and flower essences that make it as much of a treat for the skin as for the senses. The Bombshell in your life will love the elegant bottle and the enchanting smell and she’ll be tickled pink by the fresh, dewey skin she’ll get from using this spray.


As any Bombshell worth her salt can tell you, few things can lift a gal’s spirits and improve her outlook as well as a bright and bold lipstick. But though killer reds and shocking pinks can brighten even the dreariest of days or demeanors, they can also be murder on the lips. Formulas with the most staying power are also the most drying and who wants to have to choose between a messy kisser and a dry one? Thankfully, there is Australia’s Nudus: the best thing to happen to lips since the French invented kissing. The slick, white cases house some of the sexiest, Bombshell-approved colors around (the ones in the picture are Survivor, a hot pink, and Revenge, a bold red) and the line drawing of a woman’s nude form on the metal lipstick casing takes the packaging from minimalist to dead-sexy.

What takes these lipsticks from simply great to bloody amazing though is that they don’t just give a shot of sexy color and last through many a sip of champagne; they are also the most nourishing and moisturizing lipsticks I have ever used. Even when my lips are at their driest, Nudus lipsticks don’t just apply smoothly, but actually help get my lips soft and kissable. To help on the kissable front, there is also De Mamiel Botaniques Rosey Balm. Packed in a pretty box is a small, black jar of creamy, rosy, nourishing perfection. This balm’s elegant rose scent and pretty pink hue will appeal to a Bombshell’s girlie side and it’s supremely nourishing ingredients will keep those kissers happy. Plus, at only $22 it’s the perfect small luxury that can make a big impact.

ML Oil

I have already expressed my love for May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff body oil, but all you really need to know is that it smells like delicious chocolate, gives the skin a gilded glow and leaves it smooth as satin. May’s entire line is built on the principles of sensuality and self-love and The Good Stuff illustrates that ethos perfectly. It’s the perfect indulgence for that sexy someone in your life. Or for yourself.

True nature

The Bombshell Manual of Style, which I consider to be a bit of a personal bible, has an entire chapter dedicated to perfume. After all, a person’s scent can announce their arrival before they have ever set foot in the door. According to the Bombshell Manual, “Bombshells wear classic, full-flowered, even old-fashioned perfumes but never anything skinny, streamlined, vulgar or loud. In short, nothing beneath her, or that will upstage”. Although I have always liked the idea of a classic Bombshell fragrance, in practice I found them, well… Awful. The heavy floral scents give me an instant migraine and, more often than not, they bring to mind not a bouquet flowers, but a grandmother’s trunk. I was convinced that I was stuck with the minimalist, unisex, woody fragrances I favor, that is until I discovered True Nature Botanicals.

Well, to be perfectly accurate, I didn’t exactly discover TNB: I have long been a fan of their brilliant and super-potent skincare, but I must admit that when I heard of their foray into fragrance, I was not particularly enthused. After all, my sensitive and snobby nose can be especially difficult to please and the names of the TNB perfumes (Noble Citrus, Noble Woods and Noble Floral) seemed too, well, basic for me to be interested in. And then I was sent a sampler of the scents and fell madly in love. The scents were complex, interesting, yet true to their names in the most elegant and sophisticated way. I loved the Noble Woods and adored the Noble Citrus, but it was the Noble Floral that blew me away. Here was a true Bombshell perfume: a sexy, heady, blowzy floral, this scent doesn’t whisper delicately, but sings like a diva singing bel canto. Like all the best perfumes, it takes the essence of its component flowers (rose, jasmine and tuberose) and makes it into something greater and more beautiful than the sum of its parts. And speaking of beautiful, I am in love with the packaging of these perfumes: their satisfyingly heavy, refillable compacts feel like jewelry and even the little wand used to remove a spent tin looks elegant and pretty.

Here’s though what I found amazing: though I loved the smell, it made me wary. After all, a smell this strong and floral would ordinarily mean an express train to Migraine Town. Amazingly though, it never gave me any trouble and I think this can be attributed to the purity and exceptional quality of TNB’s all-natural ingredients. This is not a scent for a shrinking violet, but it would make the perfect gift for the bold Bombshell in your life.

Next up: we do a full 180 with a gift guide for your favorite fitness fanatic.

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