Kahina Argan Oil: My Green Beauty Bedrock

As my first post, it makes sense to write about the product that started my love of, and obsession with, natural skincare: Kahina Giving Beauty’s Argan Oil. Today, Kahina is the Chanel of green beauty: established, revered, elegant and sold at Bergdorf. There are also countless blog posts and articles written about Kahina and its star product, yet I feel it necessary to acknowledge the impact it had on my life in this first post.

I first discovered green beauty after a protracted battle with my (then) temperamental, sensitive, miserable skin. I have long been a devotee of high-end skincare and spent a small fortune on jars of La Mer and La Prairie, yet nothing I did could stop my skin from freaking out with every change of season or increase in stress levels. This time around, along with the usual irritation, dryness and spots, I also developed inexplicable, miserably painful red bumps under my eyes. I tried countless products in an attempt to get rid of them, to no avail. When all else fails, I turned to research (thanks, law school!) and eventually, the circuitous roads of the Internet brought me to No More Dirty Looks. That blog and the book on which it is based, have become the bible in my conversion to natural beauty. Through NMDL I have learned about Kahina and the near-magical properties of argan oil. I ordered a bottle, reluctantly, because the notion of paying $80 for oil seemed absurd, and I admired its black glass and elegant white script and, finally, smeared it all over my face.

I am reluctant to use the word “magic” because it is both overused and, more often than not, applied to things that are not very magical at all. So I will simply say that after using the oil for about 3 days, those stubborn, nasty little bumps under my eyes disappeared without a trace. And my angry, temperamental, difficult skin became, calm, compliant and seemingly impervious to the vagaries of the New York climate. That sounds just a little magical, doesn’t it?

I love the exploration of the wonderful world of green beauty, that has exploded since my first, tentative trial. Despite all the awesome discoveries I have made, that beautiful, black bottle is still with me, and I use the light, nutty oil when I need a simple, yet powerful body moisturizer or when my face craves the elegant simplicity of one perfectly-crafted ingredient.

2 responses to Kahina Argan Oil: My Green Beauty Bedrock

  1. I found your post a good source of handy info for those researching about argan oil before buying it. Can you write a new post about argan oil benefits and uses to gain more outreach to your blog. I will help your blog by shoutout to my visitors.

    What you think?

    • Thanks for reading! I think don’t really do post requests and I think the post I did on the Kahina argan oil covers the bases quite well, but I do appreciate you considering me a good resource 🙂

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