Small Miracles – Laurel Skin Healing Balm

My posts tend to be rather long (I do ramble on, don’t I?), so in this series of short posts I am going to highlight some of my favorite products that pack a strong punch despite their smaller size.

I am a huge fan of Laurel Whole Plant Organics.  I don’t mean to sound too woo-woo, but the entire line practically radiates the love that went into creating it. I am in love with their darling packaging and I am hugely impressed with the thoughtful formulas of their products. I am waiting for colder weather to start using the Restore Nightly Facial Balm, but in the meantime, Laurel’s Healing Balm has become my indispensable staple.

I love the smell and the texture of this balm: it has a pleasantly mild herbal scent (no wonder, since it’s chock full of healing and skin-calming herbs) and a lovely, soft and not-too-greasy texture. Ultimately though, what matters is performance (especially for a product designed to heal) and the Healing Balm more than lives up to its name. I use it on everything and on every member of my family, from 5 to 60: rashes, irritations, cracked lips, sore, cold-ravaged noses and every other boo-boo imaginable. Yet, the thing that cemented the Healing Balm’s Small Miracle status was a visit to our friends home in the country.

The kids were splashing in the pool, when the eldest came running to the deck because she was stung by a wasp. After she complained that the angry, red bump on her chest was hurting (no wonder!), I offered her a dab of the Healing Balm. If I am perfectly honest, I did it mainly to do something, since I was fairly certain that the balm wouldn’t have any real effect. Imagine my surprise then, when she came bounding up to me about 5 minutes later with a huge smile on her beautiful face. “This stuff is magical’, she shouted, ‘look!” The angry, red bump was gone without a trace. So there you go. Magic product status confirmed!

Happily Morning After

Being a green beauty doesn’t just mean using facial oils and avoiding parabens. Us clean girls believe that beauty comes from the inside out, that the best glow comes from eating your vegetables and that yoga and Pilates beat blush and mascara for getting rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. Still, we are not saints (or, at least, I certainly am not).  There are those evenings with best friends and margaritas, the Dutch courage for karaoke nights, the oysters and absinthe at Maison Premiere and maybe (*gasp!*) even the occasional cigarette. These are the things that can make life exciting, but boy! they are murder on the skin. Still, your happy indiscretions needn’t leave a mark. Here is your green beauty prescription for having glowing skin, even with a pounding head.

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Gressa Skin Foundation – Review

I hate foundation. My mother, blessed with frustratingly perfect skin, has never worn it and she instilled in me a love of a bare face. Parental influences aside though, traditional foundation just doesn’t work for my skin: it settles into fine lines and instead of giving me a flawless complexion it gives me that coveted “withered crone” look. Hawt. I had spent countless hours at high-end beauty counters attempting to find a formula that works, only to give up in frustration. This is why I was both excited and apprehensive to try the new foundation from Gressa Skin.

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My Very La Bella Figura Routine and Review

One of the great joys of writing about green beauty is having an excuse to try scores of beautiful and exciting products. In any given week I might be anointing myself with 5 different face oils and cleansing my skin with 17 different cleansers (no, really, I have a serious cleanser problem). This aversion to skincare monogamy means that it takes something truly special for me to commit to a particular product. It is especially impressive then that three of La Bella Figura products have become not just staples, but an indispensable part of my evening routine.

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Just a quick hello

I thought I’d pop in quickly to say that I just had an amazing birthday celebration with my family. There were beautiful purple flowers, other beautiful things, purple and otherwise, a unicorn drawn by The Bear and the most gorgeous cookies from the amazing Rolling Pin Productions (including my party portrait in cookie, which COULD IT GET ANY BETTER?!) curtesy of my sweet Englishman. It had been a hectic couple of weeks, but I will be back with regularly scheduled programming and lots more fun reviews, stories and fabulous products.

xoxo HH

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