The Elegant Alchemy of Odacité: The Review

Californian skincare brand Odacité is the perfect representative of the new generation of green beauty: no longer hippy-dippy and homespun, instead it is elegant, luxurious, high-performing and expensive. I wasn’t first on the Odacité bandwagon, but having discovered it, I am officially in love with its beautiful products. This brand’s line of skincare is divided into three distinct categories: the Serum Concentrates – one or two-ingredient serums for addressing specific skin concerns; the Fresh Collection – the more traditional skincare products (cream, cleanser, etc), focused on ingredient freshness; and the Private Collection – “Couture” blends initially created for private clients of Valérie Grandury, the founder of Odacité.

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The HH Gift Guide: For the Bombshell

This is the time of the year when gift guides pop up all over the place. This week, HH is jumping on the bandwagon with present ideas for all the colorful characters in your life. Up first: the best gifts for a Bombshell.

Ahh, the Bombshell! The tides of fashion may change from grunge to minimalism to punk, but the Bombshell is eternal: her heels ever precarious, her lipstick bold, her curves dangerous. The Bombshell kind of femininity may seem like a throwback, but what could be more modern than loving one’s curves and being unafraid of one’s power and sexuality? As far as I am concerned, all of us can use a little Bombshell flair in our lives every once in a while and these gifts can bring out the inner Marilyn in even the shyest of tomboys.

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Winterize Your Skin

Well, folks, it’s safe to say that winter is here! Most of us have been sighing over the weather forecast, pulling out our thickest sweaters and watching with dismay as the first flurries float down from the skies. The changing weather brings changes to the skin and just as you are switching from floaty tops and motorcycle jackets to cable-knit sweaters and puffer coats, so should you winterize your skincare. Cold winter air and dry indoor heat can be murder even on the hardiest of skin types. Thankfully, we can always call upon a face balm to act as both a cozy cashmere sweater to cosset the skin and as a warm winter coat to shield it from the elements. Balms are particular green beauty favorites because they are waterless: the absence of water means a longer shelf life without a need for preservatives. Packed full of nourishing butters and oils, balms deliver a skin-softening punch and, perhaps most importantly in moisture-sapping conditions, act as an occlusive to prevent moisture loss from the skin without clogging pores. Here are four of my favorite balms that I will be using throughout the colder months to keep my skin happy, soft and moisturized.

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Hello there, lovelies!

Just wanted to let you know that the previously malfunctioning Instagram link on my front page has now been fixed, praise be to the IT gods. You might want to check out my feed: it’s where I showcase all the super-awesome products I get, some of which don’t actually make it to the blog, as well as do mini-reviews. I’m also going to start doing my empties posts on Instagram because folks seem to like that sort of thing, but it doesn’t quite rise to the level of a blog post for me.

Skincare and makeup and other beauty blogger paraphernalia aside, my Instagram also has pics of delicious food (I promise you that almost none of them look like the dog’s dinner) and some other snapshots from my mildly crazy life. Ch-check, check, check it out!

xoxo HH

Keep It Clean: The Foamers

Cleanser is probably the one can’t-do-without product for any beauty arsenal. As it happens, I am a bit of a cleanser obsessive and have tried, tested and (mostly) loved virtually every type of green cleanser available. In this series of posts I will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of different cleanser types and will highlight some of my favorites. For this, the second installment, I keep it simple with my favorite foaming cleansers.

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Grown Alchemist: The Review

As any design-obssessed beauty junkie can tell you, the Aussie skincare brand Aesop achieves the pinnacle of minimalist, unisex chic. It is also generally described as being “natural”, though in reality it falls some distance from the natural mark. I find this rather depressing, because aside from the cool factor, Aesop has some lovely products with gorgeous smells. Thankfully, Australia seems to inspire minimalist product design, because another antipodean brand, the achingly-cool Grown Alchemist, espouses a similar Minimalist Apothecary aesthetic to house its elegantly formulated, (mostly) natural products.

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