Green Beauty, Poor Homme

So it seems that my last ‘guest blogger’ post was a success. So much so, in fact, that appearances on Ellen and Letterman followed. Little did I know that stardom was just around a green corner and had been all that time. Media attention and Ferraris followed in mere nanoseconds and all was well in the world. Upon waking I realized that my subconscious ego is actually larger than my real-life one. Who’d have known? Anyway, I know I can always count on Mrs HH to bring me back down to earth!

All joking aside, my 15 minutes of slumber-fame inspired me to give it another go. I see the missus arranging potions and sparkly stuff on a regular basis, so I assumed I could return the favor to you lot and bring you back-down-to-earth, so-to-speak, with another bloke-post!

I’ve been looking at the packaging more and wondering quite how much of the green beauty world is applicable to men. Is there anything that’s a tad less feminine, or something that has the Gillette-esque marketing nuances while maintaining the green ideals? Yes dammit, there is. Enter Josh Rosebrook.

His packaging mirrors the products themselves, with a very clean, almost medical feel to them. I feel a sense of security and wellbeing almost immediately. Mostly white, with a sniff of color in the images in the brochure, I get the feeling he’s telling a healthy, albeit minimalist story here and it’s working on me. You see a lot of the packaging and even the names are, well, catering to a certain demographic. Are the ladies really telling me I can’t get down with the green kick? I mean, how about a line for the guys – La Bella Sportura, anyone? Anyway, back to Josh and his cleanliness, which is appropriate because his Moisturizing Cleanser is great. I’m not a fan of cleansers, preferring to use either whichever hand soap is in the dispenser, or a handy Brillo pad. But this stuff works, smells good and leaves my face feeling like I’ve been in the spa for a day or two. Not an unwelcome sensation, I tell ye.

But then I see Yuli. Now this I can really get behind. Big, bold, masculine and slightly mysterious. All us men like to have that mysterious, Bond-like quality now and then, even if it’s far-fetched and ridiculous! I’m not sure about the scent though. Pungent is how I’d describe it, but the after feel is very similar to the Josh Rosebrook – essentially these two really do what they purport to do, albeit in different ways. I’d need an extra dollop of something nice smelling (Creed Green Irish Tweed or the like) after the Yuli, but it’s worth it. So, Yuli’s in, Josh’s in and I’m on the look-out for more Y-chromosome-friendly green stuff. Next guest post by me? I’m looking bloke anti-aging stuff. As an early-40s-something, it’s close to my heart.

8 responses to Green Beauty, Poor Homme

  1. Colin

    As a man, we need more of these posts! Josh Rosebrook is really good. The Cacao Mask and shampoo is the best. Try Dr. Alkaitis, it’s more plain but I think it’s still very unisex. Anti-aging stuff, I’ve been on a YULI kick and their Modern Alchemist retinol serum is really amazing. I’ve only used a sample of Liquid Courage, which smells pretty fresh to me. I don’t know if it is the Metamorphic Elixir but I purchased it after I saw on their Twitter that they started using their own white rose water and it seriously smells soooo good, right up there with May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden (which while not for a male per se, is still something I love)

    • TheHermesHippie – Author

      You have excellent taste in skincare! 🙂 Dr. Alkaitis was an early favorite of mine – I really ought to introduce the Mr. to it. It’s funny: neither the Englishman nor I are crazy abut the smell of Yuli. Or rather, he’s not a fan and I actually really like it, but don’t find it to be the delicious sensory treat that many people consider it (unlike, say, May’s Jasmine Garden, which is completely delectable). Granted, I just repurchased the Metamorphic Elixir, but it came from Spirit Beauty Lounge, so maybe they didn’t have the latest, delicious-smelling formulation in stock?

      • Shannen

        Do you sign up for the wait list? I always wait for YULI to be in stock but it sells out so fast. Seriously…. like hours? It’s nearly impossible to get them there.

  2. Leah

    YULI – pungent? Never would have associated that word with their products. I’m a Metamorphic Elixir fan for life and it is a masterpiece though the last few bottles do seem to take the smell up a few notches to divine. My guy loves their Mr. Incredible which is clean and fresh and I even steal it sometimes as a hair conditioner. Style wise I also like Dr. Jackson.

    • TheHermesHippie – Author

      Don’t know Dr. Jackson – will check it out. Is it skincare? As for the scent of Yuli, I sort of agree with the mister. I adore and cannot live withot their products, but they don’t fall into the “heavenly smell” category. And to my nose, Metamorphic is sort of funky-smelling. But again: amazing. Maybe we just have weird noses in this family 😂🙊

  3. caprinic

    Welcome back Mr.HH! Fantabulous post yet again, you and yer missus do make a very good team. Keep it up! Have yet to try anything from either Josh Rosebrook or Yüli but it’s only a matter of time! I can’t get my man excited about much when it comes to my obsession with green beauty but he is loving Bodhi and Birch’s Siam Ginger shower gel and their Ginger Brew massage oil which he uses as an aftershave (hello you yummy smelling man you!) plus he digs Meow Meow Tweet’s Baking Soda Free deo. Slowly but surely!

  4. As ever, a satisfying read by the Englishman. Love your selection. Now I know that the Mrs. is ever on the lookout for you (and she’s got good taste to spare for the rest of us), nonetheless I feel a sense of mission to find you several more brands to suit your masculine requirements. Off the cuff: Oille Natural and Olie Biologique, Aster & Bay, Herbivore, No Bull, and Nourish from the UK. Is Blissoma too feminine-sounding? Also a winning brand. I’m looking forward to the next installment and am always pleased by posts written by the Mrs.

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