My Big News

As anyone following this blog may have observed, I am more than a little obsessed with green beauty. I love everything about it: the beautiful products, with their sweet, wonderful and brilliant creators and their potent and pure ingredients, the joy of discovering new, incredible treasures on an almost daily basis, and, perhaps most importantly, the amazing community of passionate, intelligent and kind people, focused on supporting each other and (forgive my momentary mawkishness) making the world a better and more beautiful place. Nothing showcases the ethos and spirit of this remarkable community than A Night for Green Beauty, which this year is taking place on August 6th in Chicago .

Founded a few years ago by the owners and creators of La Bella Figura, ANFGB is not only  a place for green beauty lovers and creators to come together, discover new products, shop and celebrate the industry. It is perhaps the only event where cooperation, mutual promotion and friendship are the main goals. The idea that ostensible competitors sing each other’s praises, use each other’s products and come together to celebrate each other is both revolutionary and thrilling and I am in awe of what ANFGB has managed to accomplished in a relatively short time.

And now for the actual big news: as those who follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram might already know, I am beyond thrilled, honored and delighted to be named as one of the event ambassadors for A Night For Green Beauty, along with the incredibly brilliant and wonderful Sarita of Edible Facial and the delightful power duo Mayah and Sabrina of Call It Vanity.

So what does this mean for the readers of this blog? You can expect insider news about the event, new product discoveries (oh, and they are good!) and truly fabulous giveaways. I simply cannot wait and I am so delighted to have you all along for the ride (and hope to see many of you this summer in Chicago).

HH xxx

10 responses to My Big News

  1. C. G

    This is incredible!! So excited to hear more about the event. As a side question: when will you do a post on oil cleansers? I’m dying to hear about your favourites. Also, I’m looking for a good recommendations on all natural cold creams if you have any ☺

    • TheHermesHippie – Author

      Hah! Do you know, I already had a picture taken for an oil cleanser post, but then I tried another one that I simply HAD to include and am now waiting for the In Fiore to come back in stock at CAP Beauty, since I feel that one really needs to be represented. As for cold creams, I have only one that is a true cold cream, is completely clean and is amazing. Unfortunately, it was sold at Shen Beauty, but isn’t anymore and you can only order it from the UK. So not sure it’s an option for you, but just in case, it’s Mrs. White’s Cold Cream and you can order it from Roullier White. I’m gonna see if there’s any way I can beg, cajole and/or strong arm the CAP ladies into bringing it back Stateside 😉

      • C. G

        Yes, can’t wait for the oil cleanser post!! Your blog is so informative and enjoyable! The cold cream sounds right up my alley too. It would amazing if I could get the cold cream from CAP, it would be a great excuse to finally order from them (and maybe try out some other goodies)!

    • TheHermesHippie – Author

      It is indeed the last one 😦 If you have the opportunity, you really should come – they have a lot of really cool events planned and it should be pretty special 🙂

  2. Ann

    Congratulations! So well deserved and look forward to reading all about it.


  3. Triiin

    Exciting and right up my street, will be following this space and hadn’t heard about this event before.

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