Small Miracles: Strange Invisible Perfumes Zodiac Collection – Virgo

My posts tend to be rather long (I do ramble on, don’t I?), so in this series of short posts I am going to highlight some of my favorite products that pack a strong punch despite their smaller size.

If you have read my previous Small Miracles posts, you might have noticed that the products I highlight in them tend to be ones that I consider to have universal appeal: so far I have featured a multi-use healing balm and a calming face oil in a portable vial. The selection in this post, however, is pretty much the exact opposite. In fact, perfume is so personal and individual that I am always aghast at the idea of giving scent as a present to anyone, but a person you know exceptionally well (and even then it might be better to ask them what they prefer or have a snoop around their vanity).

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Bottega Organica Pt. 2: Meet the Creams

Hello, my darlings! I realize that I have been dreadfully remiss in updating this blog: to quote the immortal classic, Bad Boys 2, in my world, “s**t just got real” and I rather fell behind on my posts. It’s worth mentioning that I am far more diligent about updating Instagram and use it to feature quite a few new products and mini-review. So if you are not following me on there, you might want to give it a shot.  Anyway, things are now back to (relatively) normal, so expect lots more in the immediate future. And now, without further ado, the long-promised part 2 of my Bottega Organica review. And tune in tomorrow for an interview with one of its brilliant and delightful creators.

If you read my last post about Bottega Organica, you may have guessed that I am more than a little enamored with the brand: from the science behind it to its ethos, and from the store design to the elegant look of its packaging, it ticks all of the boxes I expect from a high end brand and it quickly became a firm favorite. You can imagine my excitement then, when I learned that Bottega Organica was launching a line of creams! Truly excellent, perfectly-textured and highly active creams are not exactly the unicorns of green beauty, but they are pretty hard to come by nonetheless. Although I have my favorites, the playing field is not exactly crowded with perfect, and perfectly clean, creams, unlike with facial oils, especially since you might notice that out of the three favorites I mentioned, two do contain some slightly iffy ingredients.

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Bottega Organica Pt. 1: Brand Overview and Product Review

I remember the first time I came across Bottega Organica. Walking through NYC’s West Village, I saw a store that seemed tailor-made for my favorite downtown cool/blindingly expensive neighborhood: a light-filled, airy space; all warm, blond wood and luxurious-looking glass bottles lining the narrow shelves. It looked sexy and chic and expensive and, frankly, it kind of pissed me off. No way the products sold in this luxe-looking haven could actually be well and truly organic. Green beauty brands, as we all know, don’t have sexy, standalone storefronts in Manhattan. No, this was clearly some fancy Eurotrash export, using the Italicized (and thus more glamorous) version of the word “organic” to peddle its green-washed wares. And yes: I do often think the worst. I am Russian after all. So imagine my shock when, after being selected as an event ambassador for A Night For Green Beauty, I was introduced to Bottega Organica as one of participants in ANFGB. Turns out that this brand is not only impeccably and thoroughly clean, but also sophisticated, luxurious, smart and focused on marrying cutting edge science with the best of nature’s offerings. What’s more, that sexy, fancy-looking store is built entirely from reclaimed, recycled and organic materials. In short, it represents everything I love about this new age of green beauty.

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