Ask HH: Summer Edition

I often get rather amazing, thoughtful and fairly deep-diving comments on my posts, both here and on Instagram. I figure that my other readers might be interested in reading my answers (and I need to be my ridiculously verbose self), so this feature is where I answer them. Ask your brilliant questions in comments and will do a regular digest with my answers. Of course, please keep in mind that I am not a dermatologist or an aesthetician, so my advice comes strictly from personal experience and obsessive research.

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Keep It Clean: The Oils

Cleanser is probably the one can’t-do-without product for any beauty arsenal. As it happens, I am a bit of a cleanser obsessive and have tried, tested and (mostly) loved virtually every type of green cleanser available. In this series of posts I will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of different cleanser types and will highlight some of my favorites. We now get to the perennial green beauty favorite oil cleansers.

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Integrity Botanicals: The Giveaway

As part of my duties as the event ambassador for A Night for Green Beauty, it is my privilege to introduce not just the amazing brands that are participating in the event, but also one of its sponsors: the beautiful green beauty retailer Integrity Botanicals. Check out my interview with its delightful founder Terri and brace yourselves, folks! There is a biiiig treat for you in store!

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In Fiore: I Dream of Jasmine

Do fairies use skincare? I really rather doubt it, on account of them being magically perfect, immortal and, well, fictional. But if they did, I am pretty sure their brand of choice would be In Fiore. Everything about the brand feels ethereal and a little magical and, like a garden fairy, it’s a little mysterious and elusive. Despite having been around since 1999, this isn’t a brand you will read about on every other beauty blog and I think this is intentional: this is the ultimate in cult skincare.

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Bottega Organica Pt. 3: Meet the Maker

One of the greatest perks of this green blogger gig  is meeting the amazing, inspiring and brilliant creators behind my beloved brands. As an ambassador for A Night for Green Beauty, I am fortunate to be able to interview a few of these mega-talented people. Up first, Mary Ahern of Bottega Organica. 

Bottega Organica’s NYC location comes with a host of benefits. Some are obvious, like the opportunity to visit the space and experience the beautiful products firsthand. The more unexpected, but possibly even more delightful advantage was being able to meet one of the brand’s creators, the beautiful Mary Ahern for an in-person interview. Mary joined Bottega Organica’s team after a chance meeting with its Italian founders. She is now charged with formulating its latest products (the creams I just wrote about are her creation), while growing the plants and making a number of the ingredients used in the brand’s products at her Upstate New York farm.

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