Strange Invisible Perfumes: The Art of Fragrance

Perfume junkies are a funny breed. They can spend hours on fragrance forums, debating silage, base notes and the advantages of oud over guaiac. They yearn for the rarified and the exclusive and wouldn’t think twice about spending a few hundred dollars on a bottle of perfume. I am nowhere near that obsessed, but I am certainly an “at risk” demographic: I cannot remember the last time I have bought a “designer” perfume, I turn up my nose at the mass-market and the generic, I fangirl over perfumers (Olivia Giacobetti! Swoon!) and my favorite scents are, to my chagrin, wincingly expensive. My perfume snobbery also means that, despite a few notable exceptions, I remained fairly unimpressed with the natural perfume offerings available to the green beauty consumer. Some of the scents, though lovely, were too simplistic, others skewed too sweet and vanilla-y and I even found Honoré des Prés, the green perfume line created by my beloved Olivia Giacobetti, to be dispiritingly insipid and banal.

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