Ursa Major: Strong Enough for a Woman

As regular readers of this blog know, my husband, the Englishman, has rather strong opinions about skincare. One of his pet complaints is that most green beauty brands seem to neglect “the blokes”. They are too flowery/frilly/pretty and don’t have enough, I dunno, fire trucks and lasers for the butcher beauty junkies. Up until recently, he was only able to find solace in the minimalist and elegant embrace of his (and my) beloved Josh Rosebrook, but then we discovered Ursa Major: the brilliant small brand out of Vermont. Now, I could have asked the Englishman to write this post because he is well and properly smitten. Unfortunately, a man’s perspective is not what I need. See, Ursa Major actually has the male market on lock. With glowing press mentions in GQ, Men’s Journal, Gear Patrol (?) and the decidedly butch-leaning Outside Magazine, it’s actually one of the more successful green beauty brands out there (evidenced by the fact that when I posted a picture of it on Instagram and FB, I had all these male friends coming out of the woodwork to sing its praises). Yet, it’s a rare case of a brand slightly hobbled by its own marketing success: Ursa Major is an emphatically unisex brand, yet it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as known or beloved amongst the ladies. This, my sisters, is a mistake and one I am here to correct.

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Axiology Lipsticks: a Review and Interview

Confession time. When I learned that one of my ANFGB brands was going to be Axiology Beauty, I was a little taken aback. It’s not that I wasn’t excited to discover a new brand or that the products didn’t look decidedly gorgeous. The problem was that I am not exactly a lipstick person. Sure, I love makeup, but as you can probably tell by this blog, this love takes a second seat to my obsession with skincare. And though I love the iconic sexiness of a slick tube of lipstick and fully appreciate the seductive power of a strong, red lip, I often feel that lipstick ages me. To make matters worse, my features are fairly strong and, coupled with my dark coloring, my beloved red lipstick can make me look (and I quote my mother here) “like a prostitute”.  Still, although 9 times out of ten I will go for a smoky eye rather than a bold lip, I think lipstick is incredibly fun and, thanks to green beauty, I managed to amass an arsenal of gorgeous and flattering colors. Of course, this meant that these new lipsticks had an even bigger hurdle to overcome: I hardly ever wear lipstick and when I do, I am spoiled for choice. Or so I thought…

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