Vintner’s Daughter: Luxury, Bottled

Gone are the days when green beauty was crunchy, modest and homespun. A discerning consumer is now spoiled for choice with luxurious and effective green skincare that easily rivals and even exceeds its conventional counterparts. From elegant packaging to impeccable formulae, green brands are raising the bar on luxury and quality. Still, even the most profligate of green beauty consumers like myself have a certain threshold of acceptability when it comes to the price of skincare. Which is why the arrival of the Vintner’s Daughter serum on the green beauty scene caused me to raise an incredulous eyebrow. It’s not that its price ($185) is particularly excessive when compared to traditional luxury skincare from the likes of La Prairie or Cle de Peau, where prices routinely pass the $500 mark, but it did seem higher that anything I had ever paid for even the most advanced of green beauty serums and oils. So when I was given the opportunity to give Vintners Daughter a try, I set out with a rigorous testing process to determine whether it is, in fact, worth it. After nearly two months of testing and with my sincerest apologies to your wallet, the answer is a resounding “yes”. 

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