Ask HH: The “Ain’t Nobody Asked You”/Fall Edition.

I often get rather amazing, thoughtful and fairly deep-diving comments on my posts, both here and on Instagram. I figure that my other readers might be interested in reading my answers (and I need to be my ridiculously verbose self), so this feature is where I answer them. Ask your brilliant questions in comments and will do a regular digest with my answers. Of course, please keep in mind that I am not a dermatologist or an aesthetician, so my advice comes strictly from personal experience and obsessive research.

This edition of Ask HH is a little different from the usual format: rather than being based on specific reader questions, I wanted to write a few things that were inspired by those questions. I also want to dispel some myths surrounding green beauty in the special “Stop the Inanity” segment. Perhaps it might grow into its own feature, just as long as there are enough people making ridiculous claims about green beauty.

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Strange Invisible: The Magic of Scent

You might recall my previous posts about my new favorite perfume house: the all-natural and stunningly exquisite Strange Invisible Perfumes. Perfumery is a rarefied and delicate art and the nose behind Strange Invisible, Alexandra Balahoutis, is a true artist, passionate about her craft and committed to preserving the traditions of fine perfumery, while bringing them into the 21st Century. I had the privilege of interviewing Alexandra for ANFGB and I am thrilled to give you a peek into her mind and world.

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Small Miracles: Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum

My posts tend to be rather long (I do ramble on, don’t I?), so in this series of short posts I am going to highlight some of my favorite products that pack a strong punch despite their smaller size.

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while. One reason is that I really do enjoy blabbing on ad infinitum, but another was that it has been quite some time since I have stumbled upon a product special enough to be called a small miracle. That is, until now.

I first discovered Province Apothecary’s as yet unreleased Full Brow Serum during A Night for Green Beauty. Amidst endless chatter and plying the brand’s amazingly cool founder Julie with drinks (Mmmm… Sparkling wine in a can…), I managed to snag PA’s darling gift bag which, among sundry fabulous products, included a small sample of the aforementioned Brow Serum.

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Keep It Clean: The Scrubs

Cleanser is probably the one can’t-do-without product for any beauty arsenal. As it happens, I am a bit of a cleanser obsessive and have tried, tested and (mostly) loved virtually every type of green cleanser available. In this series of posts I will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of different cleanser types and will highlight some of my favorites. In the penultimate entry of  the series (I know! It’s almost the end of an era!) we will chat about the hardworking scrub cleansers.

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