La Bella Figura: The Grand Giveaway

The giveaway has ended. 

Hello my loves and Happy New Year! I know that I have been a bit absent, but now that the holidays are well and fully over (sigh), I am so very excited to be back and share my favorite products, discoveries and occasional unhinged ramblings. And to kick things off in grand style, I have something  really exciting to share. Victoria Fantauzzi of La Bella Figura and I hop into the wayback machine and talk our beauty history, loves and passions. And the best part? Two (!) lucky readers will have a chance to start the new year with the best skin ever with our amazing giveaway!

As my regular readers/Instagram followers might now, I am a truly huge fan of La Bella Figura. It is one of a very short list of superstar brands whose products I continue to repurchase and use in my daily routine, regardless of all my other skincare experiments. It is also the brand I always recommend to friends who are making a switch to green beauty: these are the products I know to work and work brilliantly. LBF’s recently expanded its offerings with the long-awaited day and night creams: the Vitamin C Powerhouse Crema Supernova for daytime and a luscious, healing night cream Crema Virtuosa, which features the latest It skincare ingredient, the healing and skin-regenerating Sangre de Drago extract.

Victoria and I share a passion for skincare that borders on obsession and we decided to find out how it all began and where we go from here. Read on for a glimpse into Victoria’s beauty history and check out my answers on the La Bella Figura blog.

Let’s go way back to our wild days when we didn’t care what we put on our skin or faces because we didn’t know any better. Can you remember what one thing started your beauty obsession? 
My grandmother used to bathe with a soap called Maja. It’s a Spanish black soap with a very classic scent that’s ultra feminine, a bit oriental and European. I would use it too and just feel sophisticated and luxurious after a long bath. My grandmother also used a powder that came in a paper container with a large body puff. I loved the scent of her and remember wrapping my arms around her just to smell that particular scent I always associated with Spain. I really started paying attention to what my grandmother, aunt and mom wore for scent and watched them applying their makeup very carefully. I learned a lot of neat little tricks.
What was your signature look when you were twenty? What you not step out of the house without putting on? 
I pretty much looked like a wild raccoon with thick black rimmed eyes, always. I mean I looked pretty damn scary. I used to buy those red Maybelline eyeliner pencils and melt the the tips over an open flame or a match to make the tip creamier, therefore darker. My mom used to say I looked like an angry raccoon and I have the pictures to prove it. I never stepped out of the house without my brick brown L’oreal lipstick eventually switching to Black Honey by Clinique. I was always dripping in head to toe earth tones like a lot of women in the early 90’s. It was not attractive one bit.
If I were to scroll through your high school year book, what would I see?
Me being pretty damn rebellious. I didn’t dress like anyone else and looked like an oddball choosing to wear black all the time. My mom hated it and once my grandmother came over and found all my perfectly ripped jeans and threw them in the trash. I was livid, but just went to the second hand store and collected new jeans to rip up. The funny thing is I still brought home A’s, never did bad things and had an awesome group of friends so all that worrying my family did over how “weird” I looked was for nothing because I was a real square. I just didn’t like all the neon colors girls were wearing during the Cindy Lauper days.
If you could recall any musical icon that inspired your look who would that be? 
Madonna, no doubt! Even though I loved The Smiths, The Cure, House Music and Prince, it was Madonna who came in and changed everything for me. Until then there wasn’t a female pop star or musician that was confident enough to do her own thing and was completely unconventional while exuding such sex appeal. You could argue that Marilyn Monroe flexed that type of power, but it was actually almost a hidden sex appeal she had because she wasn’t blatantly expressing herself as an independent woman that was enjoying her blossoming sexuality. Madonna just blew everyone away with her attitude and confidence and while I would never have worn a brassiere and tutu I sure as hell did wear an armful of black rubber bracelets and teased up hair with a massive bow! I think a lot of us “good Catholic girls” wanted to scream out loud like Madonna, but were too afraid. She truly was an inspiration for us to accept ourselves as young women with opinions, brains and the guts to express ourselves. I’ll always have a fondness for that lady.
What habits did you used to practice that you cringe about now?
Probably the worst habit of all time and that is sleeping in your makeup. I didn’t know better then and no one ever told me this was in fact the most damaging thing I was doing to my skin. I don’t care how late, tired or inconvenienced I am I will never go to bed with a day’s worth of makeup now. It’s the biggest of all skin sins. I never ever smoked, but I was often in places where everyone else smoked so in a million years I wouldn’t compromise my health or skin and be in that situation. It’s the one thing about Europe that I dislike and makes me cringe, so many people still socially smoke and it’s quite common to light up at restaurants and cafes. I’m often the weird lady in a corner with her back turned blocking a puff of smoke from wafting towards my salad.
What beauty mistake do you see some women repeating over and over that you’d like to see stop? 
Wearing too much makeup is the biggest mistake I see. My opinion is that makeup should enhance your natural features and on days you want it to be fun then that’s cool and wonderful, but often I find many women wear it as a mask to conceal their great features and it actually looks worse than not wearing makeup at all. I hate seeing young women covering up their skin with a pound of foundation and all that contouring, especially for daytime. I just want to hand them a bottle of Barbary Fig Seed Oil and encourage them to focus on their skin health. Sometimes just a touch of concealer works great with a pretty pop of blush and a light reflective highlighter. Or to be impactful and coquettish just black mascara and a crimson lip is classic and subtly sexy. I really love all the natural makeup lines incorporating skin loving ingredients into their makeup. I am a big fan of multifunctional beauty products and one of the things we wanted to do when we launched our small color collection was to design makeup that served as skincare first and an enhancer second. Soft and not hardcore pigment because we want to our customers to think, “gorgeous skin first and makeup second.” You can also layer on color if you want more of a pop.
Let’s go into the future. What futuristic product would solve all of your problems? 
There are so many great natural products out there these days, it’s insane. I feel so excited to try products sometimes because I love what others are doing so for me a dream futuristic product (that wouldn’t solve all of my problems, but perhaps a few) would be a shampoo that actually made your hair stronger, thicker and grow twice as fast. I have thin hair and I want thick luxurious hair. Can someone please invent an age-defying shampoo with all natural ingredients?
What do you tell hardcore non-believers about your love of natural products? 
The truly wonderful thing is that by now we’ve seemed to get past the association that natural beauty is only for hippies. I ask clients to tell me their problems or their biggest concerns and then I guide them towards products that are going to treat and target those concerns. I don’t want to sell fluff or nonsense to anyone because that’s what I’ve hated for so long. It’s easy to walk into a department store and be seduced by beautiful packaging and incredible scent, but at the end of the day if a product doesn’t target my concern then it’s just a waste of money. I want to be a part of the solution when it comes to beauty care so I tell clients, “try it for four weeks and then get back to me.” It’s so important to know that your skin can’t get back on track with one or two uses of any product, it’s a process. It’s pretty likely I hear from them in a week or two and they are already thrilled with the results they’re experiencing. After a month or so there is no doubt that going on a beauty regimen that promotes health and renewal with high quality natural products is what our customers needed to see their gorgeous skin again. It makes me happy to hear their hope about beautiful skin restored.  I don’t try to convince anyone of anything because that’s not how my brain works in discovering new things and I think most people need to let go of fears and stereotypes in order to experience something great. I mean that can be said of most anything not just talking about high performing skincare and makeup now.
So cool, right? Also: apparently Victoria and I share a love of Madonna and give contouring some serious side-eye. No surprise there, I suppose. And now: the part I know you have all been waiting for! The Big HH/LBF Giveaway! See the image above? The one with LBF’s legendary, every-season-and-any-skintype Barbary Fig Seed Oil, the heavenly Elysian Fields (if you are not on Instagram you might not know that I am obsessed with this exquisite, hydrating, refreshing and just all-around lush hair and body spray) and the two Cremas? You and a friend can win all of them. Each. Here are the rules:
  • Comment on this post and share your favorite LBF product.
  • Name a friend who you would like to win along with you (because sharing is caring)
  • Follow both me and LBF on Instagram
  • Comment on the giveaway post with favorite product and tag a friend who you want to win
  • Both you and the friend need to be following us on Instagram
  • Giveaway is open internationally and will run until Wednesday, 6pm EST.

Good luck, loves! HH xx

55 responses to La Bella Figura: The Grand Giveaway

  1. Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway 💖 The only products I’ve tried is the Healing Manuka Mask, which i’m totally in l.o.v.e with. It has changed my dry skin and reduces redness. I’d love to share this with @sammeke32 (instagram name) beceause I’m sure that my mom’s skin would really benefit from using LBF products. Love, Yasmine (mienelienable on instagram)

  2. Oops, I think I have deleted my previous post haha! 😉

    Thank you so much for hosting this amazing giveaway! The only product I have tried yet is the Healing Manuka Mask which has totally changed my skin from a dry dessert to a super soft glowy complexion. I’d like to share this gift with @sammeke32 because I’m sure that my mom’s skin would really benefit from LBF products.

    Love, Yasmine (mienelienable on instagram)

  3. Laura L.

    My favorite and only product I have tried is the Barbary Fig Seed Oil. I love the fact it is such a simple yet powerful product. My sister @skyebluejules and I really have enjoyed finding and experiencing green beauty together. She has not yet incorporated a face oil into her regime. I tagged her because she would love it along with all the other goodies. Thank you Lola and Victoria for such a cool and generous giveaway:)<3

  4. I have never tried anything from La Bella Figura before, but have read wonderful things about it. I have dry, sensitive skin and could use a little extra help. Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway! I’m hoping my friend, Kate and I will get the lucky chance to win this! 🙂

  5. Lauren Ann

    My favorite LBF product is the Daily Elements Defense. It makes my skin glow and gives my skin the added protection that it needs. It’s my beauty hero armor. 🙂 I would like to nominate my mom, Vicki, who is my best friend. She is 70 years old and just learned how to use the computer a few months ago…she does not have an Instagram account at this time.

    • Lauren Ann

      In the spirit of giving, I would ask Lola and Victoria to select 4 people from the comments to each receive 1 of the 4 products from the friend bundle should I win. My mom is not on Instagram and I do not have Instagram friends to tag, so I would share my products with my mom. 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  6. Tamara

    Thank you so much for hosting this gorgeous giveaway! I’m dying to try La Bella figura’s Barabary fig seed oil! I heard so much good about it! I’d like to share with my friend Alessandra (Bambi Organics). Good luck to everyone!
    Tamara (IG holistic_treats)

  7. I have been exploring LBF Beauty gourmand products since 2014 and im truly amazed with their ingredients, passion and self confidence they give me! Specially the make up collection (desidering and dreaming about a liquid – possibly serum like- foundation and concealer products).
    My fav products at the moment is Daily Elements Face Oil , Purifying Mask and Jardin des Fleurs mist.
    I’d love to win this set as the new cremas are everything i’d love to have in my face creams and daily skincare ritual.
    I tag my friend Tamara (/holistic_treats via Instagram) as she is very lovely person and excellent eco chic afficionado lady :-)))

    Big hugs from Italy, xoxo

  8. Tamara

    I guess my comment didn’t safe properly…😁😅
    First of all I’d like to thank you for this gorgeous giveaway! I’m dying to try La Bella figura’s Barbary fig seed oil! I read fabulous reviews about it! I’d like to share this wit my friend Alessandra (Bambi Organics)!
    Good luck to everyone!

  9. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I would love to try all of La Bella Figura’s products but have only thus far tried the Travel Therapy which I love. It instantly makes me feel calmer and more awake at the same time. I would share these products with my friend Karen (IG_almostsundaydesigns).

  10. Lisa halliday

    I would love to try anything from this brand as I haven’t yet. I would love to share with hello_annabel as it was this lovely gal’s blog that first got me interested in green beauty. My Instagram name is franklylisa99

  11. Corinne

    I really like the Healing Manuka Mask and would love to try more of their products, especially their Gentle Enzyme Cleanser. I will tag Lynnley (IG rynnree)

  12. Lauren Ann

    Hi Lola, I forgot to include that I’m following both you and LBF on Instagram. My account is LOLO2_Lauren. Thank you!! xo

  13. Karlie steinhauer

    THANK YOU! I love following all the skin care routines on IG but so many people think toxic products are the ones that work…. So NOT TRUE! Your Modern Day Radience is proof, the vitamin C is amazing! It’s your only product I’ve tried and would LOVE more! @lizalaska on IG (she was my first real skincare IG friend) my real life friends still think Aveeno is lovely, (kill me 🙈) takes her skin very seriously but still uses tons of products recommended by the beautiful Mrs Hirons and I would be so excited for her to see we don’t need chemicals to glow!!!!!! She has tons of followers, she posts her day and night routines religiously (although she went on vacation today for 2 weeks) but if she incorporated your potions it would reach so many others that follow the toxics work belief! Loved reading what motivated you to start your company! Skin first and light make up second! Thank you for combining health and beauty! I get goose bumps just thinking about this, I’m a skincare dork!!!!

  14. Lynnley

    I love the barbary fig seed oil and am eager to try more, like the cream supernove and crema virtuosa! I tagged Corinne (IG corinnamin) and she tagged me 🙂

  15. gsr265

    I wish I could say what I loved from the line, but I’ve explored a myriad of natural skincare companies and never have experienced La Bella Figura. Since they revamped the entire line I’ve been itching to sample the line in all its glory! The Barbary Fig Seed Oil sounds divine and something I’ve still yet to come across! Good luck to everyone! Xo Gabrielle @marleeoetting

  16. Lynnley

    I love the barbary fig seed oil and hoping to use more products like the cream supernova and cream virtuosa! I am tagging Corinne (IG corinnamon) and she tagged me as well 🙂

  17. Lynnley

    I love the Barbary fig seed oil and I can’t wait to try new products, like the crema supernova! I tagged Corinne (IG corinnamon) and she tagged back as well 🙂

  18. Tina Ocampo

    I’ve never tried this brand yet but would love to and share with my sissy Angela. 🙂

  19. Rachel

    Manifesting a win on this one! I love every single product I’ve tried by La Bella Figura. Top pick at the moment is The Healing Manuka mask as it’s calmed my first-time-ever, what-the-heck-is-this winter sensitivity and dryness. (Love Frida and Modern Radiance.. its hard to pick a fave!) I would love to share this with my sis Jill Tinius (@jilltinius)…. I know these product will turn her into a skincare obsessive, just like her big sister.

  20. Such an amazing giveaway to start the year! thank you so much! I have been following LBF for so, so long now and have been dying to try their products. I’m eagerly awaiting the makeup range at content 😉 I’m sharing my entry with Lisa (franklylisa99 on insta) my no1 skincare enabler 😀

  21. Would love to try any if these products but probably the crema supernova the most! I know my beautiful friend Catherine @catecrain (IG) would love to win as well!

    My IG name is @cheylv

  22. kristinlove8

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! La Bella Figura’s Barabary fig seed oil is magical! I’d like to share the magic with my friend Sandi on instgram(@Sandicakesnyla). Kristin (IG: @BFFbeauty)

  23. Catherine C.

    Like I said on IG, i’d love to try the Barbary Fig seed oil! I’d like to share this with my friend Cheyenne (@cheylv) 🙂

  24. Unfortunately I haven’t tried anything from La Bella Figura yet but their Barbara Fig Seed Oil has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I’d love for my sister, Hannah, to win with me x

  25. Thank you Lola and LBF for this amazing giveaway 🙏🏻 I love LBF barbary fig seed oil, so light yet so hydrated! I’m a sucker for masks so I would really like the chance to try their mask. I’ll love to share this with @mycroftian, my partner in crime 😂😂we love to explore new skincare together and of course my other friends in real life who doesn’t go online 😂😂 Love Amy @pamperurselfgreen

  26. Unfortunately I haven’t tried anything from La Bella Figura yet but their Barbara Fig Seed Oil has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I’d love for @hannah8998 to share this with me. My instagram username is @ambermeansgo. Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! X

  27. Traci Drury

    This is such a nice giveaway! I haven’t tried anything from La Bella Figura before. I’m interested in everything! But if I must name one item it would be Crema Virtuosa. I’ve tagged @natalia777j on Instagram and am following both on Instagram as well. Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  28. Love your stories! I have never tried your product but they all sound womderful! I am 62 and have never really had a skin regiment but i am finding that my skim is getting drier and drier and with that said more wrinkles. Thanks for this opportunity.

  29. Penny

    Oh my gosh- I love the Barbary fig renewal serum so much. It has been clearing up my hormonal acne like a dream. I’ve spilled so much dough on other products and none of them worked at all. I nominate my lovely mother who is just starting getting into green beauty and is a little overwhelmed. She’s tried the eye serum though and I’m sure would be thrilled to try some more products. Her Instagram username is: majn4eva

  30. Angela

    My favorite LBF product is the DECOUVERTE under eye repair serum – it’s FANTASTIC! This has always been my problem area so I can’t tell you what a relief it is to find a product that actually works. Since I started using it three months ago, the bruised look has faded and my eye area is soft and light. I can even skip using concealer now. My daughter, @thinknuero gave this to me to try-what a gift!

  31. Genevieve

    My favorite LBF product is Aria. My BFF doesn’t have IG. But I do! And if she did, she would definitely follow you both! (@mtgenevieve is me!)

  32. Jocelyne (@Joske24)

    Thank you a million times for this glorious giveaway!!! I’m 47 and my skin has never looked and felt better, all thanks to the LBF barbary fig seed oil. This is the only product from the line I’ve tried so far but I’m sure all LBF products all amazing! I’d like to introduce my BF @mineorganic (instagram name) to this organic beauty line.

  33. Anusha

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!!:) I have heard so many great things about barbary fig seed oil. I have only tried a sample of it and loved it .It would be exciting to win this because I have found since using facial oils and serums on a regular basis they have greatly improved my skin. This would become a staple in my skincare if I win it.So want to win for my dear friend Fathima , fathima514 ( her IG handle)

  34. This was such a funny and informative read! Thank you for sharing your beauty history and for the giveaway! I haven’t had the chance to try anything from La Bella Figura since my switch to green beauty but I have heard so many great things about all the products. I would love to share this prize with my dear friend Swapna (@beauty_motormouth) because she gives me the best recommendations and I really appreciate all her help! Thank you!!!

    Arly (@detailorientedbeauty)

  35. Tania Hinton

    I really really want to try LBF simply because I trust your opinion! Yourblog has been my inspiration and my source of extremely useful information and knowledge ever since I found it. I’m not familiar with LBF skin care (yet) but I am a fan of the botanical mood boosters! For a moody person like myself, I definitely need them in my life all the time. I would love to share this giveaway with my dear mom (Elena Nikitina IG @ele_nik) who needs all this goodness in her life more than me. And I hope this would motivate her to make the switch too!

  36. Sandra

    since I’ve read so much about LBF on your blog, I’ve been wanting to try the products for a long time. it hasn’t come up till now, but this awesome giveaway would definitely bring some fresh air into my routine 😉 my friend @jasletee is I think an even bigger beautyjunkie than I am (all natural, of course) and we would be through the roof, if we would be the two lucky winners. fingers crossed!

  37. erika

    i found your lovely blog about 6 months ago and thought it was a perfect match for the information i was looking for in terms of green products. because of your insightful reviews i’ve purchased several brands including trying LBF for the first time. after trying both the barbary fig seed oil and the under eye serum i am BESOTTED by the brand! i would be beyond excited to win the giveaway and try all of the other products i’ve been so curious about. unfortunately as one other commenter stated i don’t have anyone else at this moment to tag. i would love to second her motion and share any products if i would be so lucky as to win. erika (@juraragana) instagram

  38. waldgalopp

    … these interviews are my favorites, always in discovery mode with an array of wisdom.
    the barbary fig seed oil is my generalist-superheroine, I am on my third bottle now, and it is the easiest and best oil I have in my stash. the great thing about lbf is that they don’t cater to a certain demographic (just great women;)), just really focus on their products, their performance and ok, also have amazing style. and even my traditional mums love lbf by now, because care and science is involved and they feel truly cared about instead of just marketed to. another reason why green is the future, turning thoughtful, ecoconscious behaviour and businesses into the standard. sorry my english is having a dull moment right now. will go into my time machine again and turn on bowie!
    please dont ever stop writing this blog, also I tagged hauptstadtjaegerinnen on IG.


  39. waldgalopp

    … these interviews are my favorites, always in discovery mode with an array of wisdom.
    the barbary fig seed oil is my generalist-superheroine, I am on my third bottle now, and it is the easiest and best oil I have in my stash. the great thing about lbf is that they dont cater to a certain demographic (just great women;)) and even my traditional mum loves lbf by now, because care and science is involved and she feels truly cared about instead of just marketed to. sorry my english is having a dull moment right now. will hop onto my time machine again and turn on bowie!
    please dont ever stop writing this blog, also I tagged hauptstadtjaegerinnen on IG,

  40. What a great giveaway 😭 My favorite has to be the 5-6 samples of modern radiance concentrate I tried because it considerably brightened my 24/7/365 sallow skin, and I didn’t get a single breakout (and I break out from every product). I also loved the scent of Elysian Fields, so lovely that my mom couldn’t believe it’s green (lol). I’m following both accounts on IG and I tagged my partner in crime @noyemberyan on the post.

  41. I read these posts before but my back has been out and I’ve been in excruciating pain the past two weeks. With a toddler and breastfed 9 month old needing mommy as I could only scream and cry in pain. I am getting better now and re read both blog posts. I truly enjoyed every word spoken, some laughing, and shared love of MADONNA!! I want to THANK YOU and Victoria again for our chance to win these exquisite La Bella Figura beauty treats!! I am such a devoted fan since using some of the products. It is wonderful getting a better understanding of you ladies also. I am forever grateful! Thank you dearly. I just want the very best to feed my skin healthy now that I know better since researching green beauty after having my babies. I learned this valuable lesson from them! ❤️😘💚 My best, Kristi

    • TheHermesHippie – Author

      I am so, so sorry to hear that you have been in pain! 😦 My husband throws his back out from time to time and it’s agony – can’t even imagine having a breastfeeding baby on top of it all! Hope you get 100% well soon!

      • Thank you!! It hasn’t been easy. I want to thank you again for the chance to win the amazing products from LBF. I can’t believe I won and my sister! I am so humbled and grateful! Much love to all!! XOXO

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