Grown Alchemist: The Review

As any design-obssessed beauty junkie can tell you, the Aussie skincare brand Aesop achieves the pinnacle of minimalist, unisex chic. It is also generally described as being “natural”, though in reality it falls some distance from the natural mark. I find this rather depressing, because aside from the cool factor, Aesop has some lovely products with gorgeous smells. Thankfully, Australia seems to inspire minimalist product design, because another antipodean brand, the achingly-cool Grown Alchemist, espouses a similar Minimalist Apothecary aesthetic to house its elegantly formulated, (mostly) natural products.

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The Replacements: Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream

In making the switch to green beauty, some products are particularly hard to replace. In this series of posts I will  highlight the treasures discovered during my search for products that work as well, if not better, as their conventional counterparts.

In the annals of green beauty products that just never quite measure up to the conventional alternatives, two products prove especially impossible: mascara and sunscreen. Now, finding clean mascara that works well is a pain, but, truth be told, I am not hugely bothered about using dirty mascara (though I have finally found a clean favorite). After all, I hardly ever use it and, ultimately, the ingredients in many high-quality “dirty” mascaras are not all that terrible. Sunscreen, though is another story. We are expected to wear it daily, it covers most of our bodies or, at the very least, our entire faces and a lot of the dirty sunscreens have truly nasty ingredients, hormone disruptors being particularly dangerous culprits.

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