Little Ms. Sunshine or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love SPF

Greetings, gentle reader. I ask that you brace yourself, for I am about share something with you that no beauty blogger should ever admit and something that will make you question every bit of advice I have ever given you and my sanity itself. Here it goes: I hate sunblock! If you are horrified and appalled, I understand. After all, the first thing every skincare professional, columnist and busybody (myself included) will tell you, is that sun protection is not just necessary for your health: it is, unquestionably, the best and most effective way to prevent sun damage and subsequent aging. So what gives?

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Happily Morning After

Being a green beauty doesn’t just mean using facial oils and avoiding parabens. Us clean girls believe that beauty comes from the inside out, that the best glow comes from eating your vegetables and that yoga and Pilates beat blush and mascara for getting rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. Still, we are not saints (or, at least, I certainly am not).  There are those evenings with best friends and margaritas, the Dutch courage for karaoke nights, the oysters and absinthe at Maison Premiere and maybe (*gasp!*) even the occasional cigarette. These are the things that can make life exciting, but boy! they are murder on the skin. Still, your happy indiscretions needn’t leave a mark. Here is your green beauty prescription for having glowing skin, even with a pounding head.

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