Wet and Mild: A Hydrating Serum Roundup

Welp! After months (and months and months) of procrastinating and prevaricating and after giving birth to our adorable baby girl, I have finally managed to wrap up my hydrating serum post. Although it was initially envisioned as a primer on boosting a winter skincare routine, the truth is that while completely indispensable in winter, for many people a hydrating serum is a necessity year round.

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Marie Veronique Pacific: Review (Pt. 1)

There aren’t a lot of brands out there, green or otherwise, whose products tick as many of the effective, active and luxurious boxes as Marie Veronique Pacific line of skincare.  The company’s founder, Marie Veronique Nadeau, is a former chemist and her products showcase a deep understanding of the science behind anti-aging skincare. Whatever miracles might be promised by beauty advertisements, there is, but a handful of ingredients clinically proven to reverse, or at least ameliorate, the signs of aging and Pacific uses them all.

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