Blue, I Love You: Skincare Magic from Josh Rosebrook

Hello, my darlings! I have really abandoned this little blog, haven’t I? My only defense is that this pregnancy has well and truly kicked my butt. I’ll share more with you later, but the last 8-something months have been… Interesting. And yes: I am still working on that hydrating serum post – I think at least part of the reason for my writer’s block is the fact that it’s such a beast. Thankfully, something happened that actually inspired me to pick up the metaphorical pen: I got my hands on two of the most revolutionary, remarkable and, yes, perfect products I have had the pleasure to experience. I am talking about the just-released Vital Balm Cream and Advanced Hydration Mask from Josh Rosebrook. And here’s the best part: not only are these two products magical (no, really), they also perfectly fit the theme of hydration – consider them a precursor to the Big Wet Post. Oh and keep an eye out for my upcoming pregnancy skincare post – some time around October!

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Buly for You!

I have always been a firm believer that green beauty can and should be elegant and luxurious. A new French brand, albeit one that is built on a foundation of over two hundred years, Buly 1803,  happens to be both of those things, as well as exclusive, gorgeous and just plain delightful.

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On the Nose

Of all the senses, smell is perhaps the most personal. Affected by personal preferences and prejudices, influenced by memories and experiences, modified by personal chemistry: one person’s heavenly scent is another’s stink bomb. This is why it always troubled me that practically every green beauty review out there speaks of the smell of the products being reviewed in the most superlative of terms. Sure, smell is one of the big advantages of green beauty: instead of a chemical fragrance, natural products smell like the very precious ingredients that make them so effective. Still, this very naturalness can be a problem.

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