The HH Gift Guide for the Woefully Inadequate

If you follow a lot of green beauty bloggers, you know that many of them have posted their holiday gift guides. After all, most people like to finish their gift shopping early – the presents purchased, wrapped lovingly and placed under the tree with care soon after the Thanksgiving turkey has been made into the first of many sandwiches. This guide is not for them. No, this is for all of you rushing around like coked out squirrels at 5 pm on December 23rd and sending desperate “do you think Jennifer would like a scarf” texts to your exasperated family members. This is for you, the brave souls who spend more on shipping than they do on gifts, because everything has to be delivered overnight. This is for the procrastinators, the overspenders, the bad children and the the flighty aunts. You are my people. I feel your pain and I am here to help. I will mostly keep to a single product per category so you have some money left for those shipping fees. As for those of you smug overachievers, you might just find some stocking stuffer ideas on this list. 

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Let It Glow

Two things should be obvious from the title of this post: a) I have a Frozen-obsessed 5-year-old and b) I’m going to talk about highlighters. Unlike primers or blush,  both of which I didn’t really like before making the switch to green beauty, a highlighter was something I could get on board with from day one. In a way, a highlighter is make-up for the lazy: it can be used on a bare face or over foundation, it can contour without Kardashian-level of commitment and it can be used to brighten eyes, enhance cheekbones, lift eyebrows, enlarge lips and give an angelic glow. What’s not to like?! As a highlighter early adopter, I have tried a number of products, both conventional and green, and I am convinced that green beauty offers some of the best formulas and pretties shades of highlighter out there, especially when it comes to the all-stars in this review. 

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