I am a cynic. Well… Sort of. It’s not that I view the world through a distrustful gimlet eye or don’t get irrationally excited about life’s many gifts. I just dislike hype and have a (I think healthy) mistrust of cheerleader-like over-enthusiasm. Which is why I was incredibly reluctant to try the products from La Bella Figura. Yes, the majority of green beauty blogs lavish them with overwhelmingly glowing praise and yes, I have heard that he company founders are hugely popular and beloved by the community. Yet, somehow, all of this praise and love made me wonder whether the company’s products were more sunshine, rainbows and group hugs and less effective, science-backed formulae. Still, I am a green beauty obsessive and I felt I simply had to try at least one LBF product, if only to confirm my darkest suspicions.

I decided to try the Bio Active Healing Mask: it was one of the cheaper products from the line and I had to admit that the ingredient list looked stellar. The first thing struck me upon opening a jar of the mask was its color: a rich, delicious-looking berry purple. This color made me think that the mask would have a tangy, berry-like scent, but instead it smelled faintly of jasmine and herbs: a delicate, uplifting scent. The first ingredient in the Healing Mask is manuka honey (an ingredient universally beloved for its skin softening and anti-bacterial properties) and the mask applied like honey: thick and viscous, with ever so slightly scrubby bits of herbs. After lounging around for a bit, looking like an extra out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre I rinsed it off and gasped: my skin was glowing. The term “glowing” is overused in skincare, but it’s the perfect description of how the Healing Mask made my skin look: radiant, healthy and petal-soft. My husband’s reaction was a stunned “Wow!” I was sold.

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Gorgeous, aren’t I?

Included in my order was a small sample of LBF’s star product: the Decouverte Eye serum. Although I was perfectly happy with my existing eye cream, I decided to try Decouverte just to see what all the fuss was about for myself. I enjoyed its smell, it absorbed easily and I awoke the next morning after a night of short and poor sleep with bright, refreshed-looking eyes. So far so good. But then something happened that made me a devotee of Decouverte and a life-long fan of LBF.

I have milia. You know, those annoying, hard, white bumps that appear around the eyes. They are the common cold of skin woes: not exactly awful or painful, but irritating and hard to get rid of. I have read somewhere that the best way to get rid of milia (other than having them poked out with a sharp implement: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME) is to moisturize them away, but this never worked for me. At the time I started using Decluverte, I had a particularly unpleasant bump under my eye. It looked like it was camped out on my face for the long haul and I was just trying to decide whether to start poking a needle near my eye (don’t do like I do: I am a stupid idiot) when, after about a week of using Decouverte, I suddenly realized that the little sucker was gone. I’m not sure if it was the coffee bean extract, the Vitamin E in the Barbary fig seed oil, but the serum worked like, well, magic. I have since bought a full size of the product and it has become an irreplaceable staple. I love the way it brightens and smoothes the skin around my eyes and the way metal rollerball applicator stays cold and makes the application that much more refreshing.

Since then I have tried the bulk of the La Bella Figura products and they are all just as beautiful and effective as the two products that served as my introduction to the line. I have also discovered that the line is indeed run by women passionate about their work, who love the women using their products. In the end, though, I am not a fan of LBF because of sunshine, rainbows and group hugs. I am a fan because it does exactly what I expect my skincare to do: it makes my skin happy and beautiful.

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