My posts tend to be rather long (I do ramble on, don’t I?), so in this series of short posts I am going to highlight some of my favorite products that pack a strong punch despite their smaller size.

I am a huge fan of Laurel Whole Plant Organics.  I don’t mean to sound too woo-woo, but the entire line practically radiates the love that went into creating it. I am in love with their darling packaging and I am hugely impressed with the thoughtful formulas of their products. I am waiting for colder weather to start using the Restore Nightly Facial Balm, but in the meantime, Laurel’s Healing Balm has become my indispensable staple.

I love the smell and the texture of this balm: it has a pleasantly mild herbal scent (no wonder, since it’s chock full of healing and skin-calming herbs) and a lovely, soft and not-too-greasy texture. Ultimately though, what matters is performance (especially for a product designed to heal) and the Healing Balm more than lives up to its name. I use it on everything and on every member of my family, from 5 to 60: rashes, irritations, cracked lips, sore, cold-ravaged noses and every other boo-boo imaginable. Yet, the thing that cemented the Healing Balm’s Small Miracle status was a visit to our friends home in the country.

The kids were splashing in the pool, when the eldest came running to the deck because she was stung by a wasp. After she complained that the angry, red bump on her chest was hurting (no wonder!), I offered her a dab of the Healing Balm. If I am perfectly honest, I did it mainly to do something, since I was fairly certain that the balm wouldn’t have any real effect. Imagine my surprise then, when she came bounding up to me about 5 minutes later with a huge smile on her beautiful face. “This stuff is magical’, she shouted, ‘look!” The angry, red bump was gone without a trace. So there you go. Magic product status confirmed!

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