Deodorant is probably the easiest beauty product to review. It may be difficult to objectively quantify something as ineffable as “glow” or to determine whether a product’s anti-aging benefits are real and lasting or caused by some temporary plumping or tightening of the skin. Deodorant, on the other hand, is binary: it either works or it doesn’t. That being said, there is a difference between “working”, “working well” and “being a gosh darned superstar” and the one way to figure out this difference is through rigorous testing. I have, by pure accident, undertaken a kind of Tough Mudder deo challenge and one product emerged as the Rocky Balboa of natural deodorants. This American Ninja of deodorants is the Deodorant Cream by Meow Meow Tweet and here is why it deserves the championship belt (yes, I realize that the imagery of a heavyweight belt around a jar of deodorant is ludicrous and that I may have gone overboard on analogies). 

I have recently returned from Spain. We had an early morning flight and I applied my Deodorant Cream in the tea tree oil scent at 5:30 in the morning after a quick shower. After that I had: an hour-long journey to the airport; a maddeningly frustrating and interminably long encounter with the staggeringly incompetent Vueling Airlines check-in attendant; a subsequent sprint to our gate, dragging along a sleepy five-year-old, followed by a 30 minute wait for the bus to the plane in an airless room with no AC (it was, without exaggeration, approximately 90F and once we finally got on the bus I was almost fully soaked in sweat); a two-hour flight to Paris; a 6-hour layover in Paris spent attempting to show every major landmark of the city to my son, while carrying a heavy backpack; an 8-hour flight back to New York; and a session at the lost baggage counter upon arrival (do not fly via Orly if it’s at all possible). After this ever so slightly challenging 18-hour journey home, I finally dropped into the front seat of my husband’s car and not-so-surreptitiously sniffed my armpit (my husband is a very tolerant and patient man). I smelled nothing. Well, actually, I could still detect a faint, fresh, slightly-minty scent of tea tree. All in all, I smelled as though I had spent a morning lounging in a meadow on a breezy spring day, wearing flowing, white linen. I gotta be honest, folks: I am not 100% convinced that even Secret Extra Strength would have held up quite as admirably.

Amazingly, incredible performance is not the last of MMT deodorant’s achievements: this product is a genuine pleasure to use. In an old Instagram post (Hey! Have you seen my Instagram? Go check it out, I’ll wait) I referred to this deodorant (albeit in the lavender scent) as “pit ice cream” and I stand by that description, slightly gross though it may be. MMT is the creamiest deodorant I have ever used , it applies like a dream and it doesn’t feel even a little bit greasy. I also love the way it smells. The tea tree version is fresh and minty: this is the more unisex smell and one that I would use for heavy-duty protection. The lavender scented Deodorant Cream is simply delicious: the soft lavender mixes with the natural sweetness of the coconut oil and, warmed by the skin, smells kind of like my aunt’s lavender sugar cookies. Finally, this has nothing to do with performance, but how adorable are these illustrated jars? Meow Meow Tweet’s packaging is always wonderfully witty and cute and these jars of deodorant are no exception.

Much like elsewhere in green beauty, new clean deodorant options seem to appear every day and everyone seems to have their favorite. Personal chemistry, sensitivities and activity levels will all affect a product’s effectiveness, but for my money, Meow Meow Tweet is hard to beat!

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