I am going to use my double HH logo to showcase my favorite products, so you can expect it to change with a fair amount of regularity. What can I say: I’m fickle. Up first, are my favorite facial sprays. 

Facial sprays have come a long way from the drying, alcohol-filled toners of days past. Much as with facial oils, green beauty has been on the forefront of using toners as an important step in a skincare routine. The beauties featured in my logo, Yuli’s Metamorphic Elixir, Pollen & Wax’s Lapis and Orion, Elizabeth Dehn for OLO Vitamin D MistAnnee de Mamiel’s Dewy Facial MistBetween You and the Moon‘s Sense and Sensitivity and Holy Cow Mineral Mists and May Lindstrom‘s Jasmine Garden, all contain fabulous ingredients that make them a treat for the skin and the senses. Some of these, like the Metamorphic Elixir and the Dewy Facial Mist contain such an impressive roster of complex ingredients, that they could be nearly as effective as a face cream in giving you the best skin possible. Others, contain precious distillates that hydrate the skin and arouse the senses. Whichever of these mists you choose (and I will write about all of them in more detail), your skin is going to thank you.

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